Welcome to Trickland

We invite you to a world of 3d art with special experience and adventure!

What is Trick Land? It is an interesting and wonderful museum where you can touch painting with your hands, become the hero of the painting, take pictures and feel it.

1. Touch it with your hands, be the main character in the painting, take pictures and feel it yourself.

2. Have the fantastic experience that two-dimensional paintings become three-dimensional real picture!

3. Trick Land is a magical place where spectators are able to make an awesome experience by visual illusion caused by the painting using perspective and contrast.

4. We offer special and interesting experience and story to you through 10 themes with unique personality.

Let you know how to enjoy Trick Land 200% more fun.

1. Find your favorite painting and become the main character in the picture.

2. When you take a picture, stand on a pose point and get into the fun and creative pose.

3. The person taking the picture should take the picture according to the photo point. You should pay attention the direction of the arrows for perfect picture!

4. Share your amazing photos with all your friends and family on Facebook and Blog.

"Trickland 3D Museum"- Dalat 2017

Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3

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